About Amy

Amy Hanson is a Certified ARC Bodywork Therapist.  Her training at the ARC Institute includes completing:

  • A two-year practitioner certification program
  • The Spiritual Formation Program
  • A two-year Leadership Program.

Her love of ARC in her own personal development and witnessing how it helps her clients, has made her passionate about sharing this form of healing with everyone.

She is an accomplished martial artist who trained with a Korean Master instructor for a decade.  During her years in the martial arts she won many titles, including Woman’s Canadian  TaeKwonDo Gold Medalist.  She represented Canada at the World Games in Barcelona, Spain in 1987. As priorities shifted in her life her focus turned to the softer arts.  She has practiced yoga, Qi Gong and meditation.

Amy has had extensive training and experience working with people.  In her work history she has facilitated teams, certified as a corporate trainer, has done professional presentations and coached people to reach their potential.  She has owned several small businesses over the years.

I, personally, have experienced many forms of healing, from traditional alopathic medicine to all forms of holistic care.  Over the years I found that most things I tried worked for a short period and then my body went right back in the old patterns of stress and discomfort.  I started experiencing personal ARC  sessions  in 2004.  The transformation I experienced was exponential and long-lasting.  I had made decisions in my life based on old thought patterns and not listening to what my body was telling me.  The dialogue, BodySpeak(TM), helped me access and change many things which no longer served me. I am now able to make better and more informed choices  that result in a healthier and richer way of life.

Amy has a teenage daughter and a small Yorkie dog.  She lives a joy-filled life in Shawnigan Lake.


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  2. I was just reading your article on “Vulnerability”, your words always bring peace in my life, thank you Amy!

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