About ARC

ARC Bodywork Therapy

What does ARC stand for?

ARC stands for A Return to Consciousness; a statement which is very rich in content and that I could write a lot about.  The term consciousness can be replaced with awareness; and with ARC it is about being aware of how we respond in life.  Each moment, when we are aware, we have choice.  Life is not reactionary but lived with mindful decision-making.

For many years I lived reacting to most of what was happening around me.  There were deep-seated patterns that controlled my decision-making and often did not work in my best interest.  As I became more aware of these unconscious thoughts, emotions and behaviors, I was able to make better decisions for myself.

For me, it is a life long  journey to master this process.  What happens is, I leave awareness because of some trigger in life.  A trigger could be any event that brings discontent, confusion or something that does not easily resolve.  My body becomes stressed out.  I take time to understand the underlying issues of what is happening for me and then Return to Consciousness (or Awareness).  The more of an understanding I have of my emotional organization, the faster I can return to consciousness or find resolution.

It’s not about living a perfect life because normally that is not realistic.  It’s about taking what life offers me as a tool to learn about my internal Self and, as I become aware of these reactive states, it opens up possibility for more choice and an expanded sense of Self.

What is BodySpeak ™ ?

BodySpeak ™ is a trade marked process that is only found in an ARC session.  The practitioner follows the client‘s process by asking key questions.  These questions are what help the client become very clear in what is happening for them and then provides opportunity for personal growth.     

Who can Benefit from ARC?

I have had people come to me for a variety of reasons.  At times, we are all challenged in life.  Circumstances arise that continue to cause anxiety and, try as we might, do not resolve.  This is where I can help.  I work with people who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, people who are having difficulties in relationships, people who are going through a grieving process.  I have had people who come that feel there is something not quite right but can’t figure out what that is.  I work with illness and addictions and of course, there are people who want to enjoy an energy only session that is wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating.

How often should I have sessions?

There is no recommended amount of sessions required.  I have had people come that have a very specific issue they would like answers for and after one session feel complete.  I also have clients that come on an ongoing basis because the benefits they receive help them to navigate life more freely.  They book either as needed or regularly scheduled appointments.  These clients often view awareness and personal development as a life-long process.

What is the Cost of an ARC Session?

For either a BodySpeak ™ or Energy only session the cost is $75.00 for 1.5 hours.

What is an Energy Work Only Session?

An alternative to having a BodySpeak ™  session is to enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating form of ARC.  Again, the client lies fully clothed on the massage table, where I work with energy centers and pressure points specific to the individual’s needs.  In this case, the client may choose to receive the treatment in stillness.

General Chelation:  The General Chelation balances the entire system for a sense of well-being.  The purpose is customized to the individual needs of the client.  It may be used to reduce excess heat in the system or infuse energy where it is lacking.  The General Chelation assists the body heal itself.

Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse: Energetically cleansing the liver and gallbladder aids all digestive conditions.  Indicators for using this technique are excess heat in the system, sluggish or poorly digested food and/or allergies.

Chakra Realignment:  The chakra system works as a whole to energetically provide sustenance to your body.  When there is misalignment and blockages the system does not work to its fullest, creating disharmony and potential illness.  Realignment brings the system back into balance helping the energy flow more freely throughout the body.

Lymphatic Cleanse: One of the functions of the lymph system is to remove toxins from the body.  Energetically cleansing the lymph system works to combat colds and flu, reduce allergy symptoms and congestion in the lymph nodes, supports a low immune system and the detoxification process after emotional release.

Endocrine Balance: The Endocrine System is the combination of glands that regulate the secretion of hormones into our system.  This balance works especially well for women with peri-menopausal, menopausal and PMS symptoms by balancing and harmonizing the glands.

Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System Balance:  These two systems work together to assist the body to respond to stressful or dangerous situations.  The Sympathetic Nervous System pumps the system up to strengthen defenses while the Parasympathetic restores the body to a peaceful state.  When responding to daily stress the system may be over-taxed and balancing brings harmony back to the body.

Addiction Treatment:  Acupressure points are used to alleviate symptoms of addiction. Further emotional support is often suggested as a person creates the changes in his or her life to overcome the challenges associated with addiction.

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