Posted by: Amy Hanson | May 16, 2011

Yin and Yang – The Power of Inner Balance

The most common understanding of Yin and Yang is the balance of masculine and feminine energy.  What does this exactly mean?

There are many ways to interpret Yin and Yang balance; what I would like to focus on is the balance for personal growth.  Each person, whether you are a man or woman, has both flavors of energy within them.

Yang – masculine – is the doing, logical, achieving, structured, action parts of ourselves.  Yin – feminine – is the being, creative, still, gentle, receiving parts of ourselves.

My first steps to finding balance began with acknowledging these two aspects of myself.  Once I acknowledged the existence, I began to feel how much more time I spent in the Yang or doing part of myself.  For me, there was little value placed on the Yin or being part of myself.  What I could accomplish each day was the measure of my Self-worth.  This perception created imbalance.  The creative, reflective parts of me had no space for expression.  So ingrained was my need to achieve, buried inside was the soulful part of myself .

The beginnings of this internal relationship were most uncomfortable.  The Yang always taking over with a small voice inside – The Yin – realizing things were not quite right.  I began to take inventory.  Measuring just how much of my day was doing and how much being.  No wonder I felt so tired, there was so little of my time I spent care-taking myself.  Almost everything I was doing was expending energy.  How could I prioritize my life to change this?

I wanted to dig deeper into what was behind this imbalance.  The Yang part was so tangible; when I completed what I was doing, there was always something to show for what I did.  I received compliments, got money or felt useful.  Society around me reinforced the value of what I was doing. In my head, if I took time off to be, I heard a voice that told me I was lazy and selfish.

Our parents are role models; the father the archetypical male and the mother archetypical female.  As I explored my parents influence on me, from this perspective, it all began to make sense.  My dad the provider, my mom the supporter at home.  There was something missing in their relationship though…value for my mother’s role.  As a stay-at-home-mom she didn’t contribute to the house hold in a material sense.  The quiet role she played to support the family was never acknowledged but was invaluable for the sustenance of the family.  Back then, I saw her role as weak and unimportant.  There was even anger that surfaced for me towards her role.  Today, as a mother myself, I understand the worth of what she did.

As I explored my relationship with my mom and found the wealth of what she gave to me, my internal relationship with my feminine changed.   The Yin part of me grew and I embraced a new love for myself as a woman.

I now see tremendous value for both the Yin and Yang.  As I live life, I engage an integrated balance between the two energies.  This has been key in understanding the source of imbalance and then creating a more healthful life style for me.

I leave you with a quote I read recently, “There is nothing as strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.”  Ralph W. Sockman

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