Posted by: Amy Hanson | April 18, 2011

Welcome to Amy Hanson Bodywork

My name is Amy Hanson and I am a Certified ARC Bodywork Therapist.  ARC is a very rich form of healing, and after reading the description below, I invite you to explore the above tabs to help you further understand what I offer.

Bodywork is a general term that is found in many forms of healing work.  ARC Bodywork is very unique and a leading edge form of Self-Discovery.  First of all lets talk about what it isn’t.  I do not do massage or any form of muscular or skeletal manipulation.  The reference to Bodywork is because our bodies hold an incredible amount of information that we often have difficulty listening to.  The technique I use called BodySpeak ™   is an amazing dialogue that helps you understand and clarify whatever it is you are seeking by accessing your body wisdom.

During a session my clients lay, fully clothed, on a massage table.  I enhance the work by doing hands-on techniques.  This may include gently placing my hands on energy centers or pressure points.

The real magic in a session is the BodySpeak ™ dialogue.  It is a very organic process where I primarily ask questions to help you navigate through your unique internal emotional organization.  The results are very different for each person; although profound clarity is often what people come away with.

Now….if that is something you would like to explore I encourage you to read on.

I have also written many articles on my own personal journey.  I hope by sharing the challenges I face in my life, and the work I do to understand my choices, I can help other people move forward as well.

I will keep you posted on presentations, workshops and other events.  Sign up for my free newsletter and enjoy Your Discovery!


  1. Great new format, Amy. Look forward to your articles, Jo-Ann

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